Twine + Cloud Shield

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Twine + Cloud Shield
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Introductory price: $10 off Twine + Cloud Shield kit.

With Twine + Cloud Shield, connect your Arduino project to the Internet in minutes. Stack Cloud Shield on your Arduino, connect it to Twine, and get email, texting, calling, and more with three lines of code in your Arduino sketch. Focus on your idea and not debugging networking code. It has two capacitive pads for easy input with your fingers or conductive objects (like a banana), and an LED to let you know when it's been triggered. 

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Connect your things to the Internet, without a nerd degree.

Want to monitor something remotely? Maybe you want to get a tweet when your house is too hot or cold, or get an email when the basement floods while you're on vacation.

Twine is the simplest way to get your home and objects texting, tweeting or emailing. A rubber-sheathed 2.7" square contains Wi-Fi connectivity, internal and external sensors, and two AAA batteries that will last for two months. (A Micro USB port for external power is also provided.) A simple web app allows to you quickly set up your Twine with human-friendly rules — no programming needed. And if you're more adventurous, you can connect your own sensors and use HTTP to have Twine send data to your own app.

Sensors included in this kit

  • Cloud Shield (external - attaches to an Arduino, comes with Arduino library)
  • Temperature (0-140ºF)
  • Vibration (0-4g)
  • Orientation (which side is facing up)

How it works

Technical specifications