Range Dial Kitchen Pro smart cooking thermometer

Range Dial Kitchen Pro smart cooking thermometer

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A Range Dial, one 3" sharp probe and one 6" round probe, both with waterproof 450ºF silicone cables. Great for roasting, homebrew, candymaking and monitoring the true ambient temperature of your oven.

Range Dial is a versatile wireless cooking thermometer that can be used with or without your iPhone. Turn the machined stainless steel knob to set an alert, or use the iOS app for more control. 

  • Quick to use—set alerts for common meats with a turn of the knob, and leave your phone in your pocket.
  • Total control—with the Range app, you can set an alert to any temperature, rising or falling  (useful for making sure you stay within a temperature range)
  • Alerts sound on the Dial and your smartphone when the food's done.
  • Instant read—read temperatures on your phone from across the house.
  • Graphing mode—view and save temperature data to help you repeat your best recipes.
  • Read temperatures anywhere—as long as one iOS device is near Range Dial, your other devices can watch the temperature and get alerts via the Internet.
  • Two probe ports to expand your Range Dial's capabilities.
  • Magnetic base lets you stick the Dial on your oven.
  • Bluetooth Low Energy—requires iPhone 4s or newer, iPad 3 (Retina) or newer, iPod Touch (5th Generation or newer)
  • Two AAA batteries last months.

Range Dial Kitchen Pro includes two temperature probes: a 3" sharp probe, great for cooking in oven or grill; and a 6" round probe, ideal for barbecuing an extra large brisket, brewing beer, and making candy, yogurt and cheese. The silicone handle makes it easy to pull the probe out, and it's now better at clipping onto pots.

  • Food-safe, heatproof to 450°F, submersible and hand-washable
  • Temperature range: 50ºF to 450ºF (10ºC to 230ºC) with ±1º accuracy at 150ºF
  • 36" high-temperature, moisture-proof silicone cable

Note that you may get either a black or white Dial. If you want a specific color, please contact us and we'll see what we can do.